Chairman of THE BTCIC:










    Georgi Simeonov Agafonov

                                                                           Chairman of the BTCIC


Georgi Simeonov Agafonov is a Bulgarian businessman, politician and public figure.
He was born on July 22, 1961 in Burgas, Bulgaria. He graduated from the School of Shipbuilding in Burgas and the higher education at the University of National and World Economy in Sofia with a Master's degree in "Marketing and Management."He is fluent in English and Russian.

From 1989 to now has been active in the media field.Founder of the first private radio station in Bulgaria after the changes in the political regime in 1989 -  Radio99 and Television "Seven Days" in 1990, which broadcasts digital and cable first, and from 1996 to 2008 - etheric analog. Thereafter he founded and managed several TV channels - "Channel 2001", "BAGRI" TV,"Gypsy " TV, “Ekotelevizia", "VIARA" TV, “ZDRAVE "TV, which is broadcasted  via satellite and etheric analog. And he is the founder of the company carrying out extensive work in the field of online media.

Since 2007 he has been the founder and Chairman of the Board of the"United Media" Ltd., from 2001 to 2007 - Professional Consultant of the"RTC Seven Days" AD. In the period 1994-1997 he was Chairman of the Board of the Consortium "Perun" from 1993 to 94 - Chairman of the Board of Directors of "RTC Seven Days" AD ,1992 to 1994 Chairman of the Board of Directors of "TB Slaviani" AD-0.1990-1992 Chairman of "SGA International Holding".

Georgi  Simeonov  Agafonov  was a member of the 38th National Assembly (1997-2001). He entered parliament as a leader of the list of the Bulgarian Business Bloc in 27th Stara Zagora multimember election region.

As a public figure since 1990 until now actively is involved in the development and promotion of the archeology and history of Bulgaria. Participate in archaeological excavations. Founder and Chairman of the Foundation "PONT".The foundation has granted more than 50 books in the field of the historical and cultural heritage of Bulgaria. There are also many films about the history and nature of Bulgaria.

Georgi Simeonov Agafonov is related to the constant support of the culture and education in Bulgaria – a detection of the talented young musicians and sponsoring their studies abroad; organizing exhibitions and concerts. Founder of the "7 art".

In 1992 he was among the founders of the Bulgarian-Spanish Chamber of Commerce, of which is also the Chairman.

Since 1994 Georgi  Simeonov  Agafonov  is an active participant in the field of the environmental protection and a founder  of the "Ecology without borders."

As President of the Association for the development of equestrian tourism in Bulgaria for more than a decade works for the sustainable development of the Bulgarian equestrian tourism and horse riding.

Elected Chairman of the MB of the BTCIC  by the General Assembly of the BTCIC ,held on 07.07.2014.



              Kalcho Nikolaev Hinov

                                                                                   Board Member of the BTCIC

Kalcho Nikolaev Hinov is a Bulgarian businessman, state and public figure.
He was born on 06.21.1940 in Sofia. He graduated from the school "Wilhelm Pieck" and the higher education in NSA and MEI-Sofia. He was a famous athlete and coach in the Motorsport - over 10 years-the national champion.

After his retirement from the sport Kalcho Hinov founded  INIMEKS Holding. It includes companies for import and export of fuel, oil, petroleum, manufacturing and marketing of petroleum products, stakeholder financial credit house.

From 1992 to 1998 Kalcho Hinov was a Secretary General and Deputy- Minister in the Ministry of Transport and Communications.
Kalcho Hinov is Zonal Coordinator for Southeast Europe, the Middle East and North Africa of Rotary International, which is  the largest non-governmental humanitarian organization in the world with 108 years of history and more than 1.2 million members in 186 countries on all continents. He is the restorer of the Bulgarian Rotary and past - District Governor of the Bulgarian district.

Kalcho Nikolaev Hinov was elected a member of  the Management Board by the General Assembly of the BTCIC,held on 07.07.2014.




Daniel Tenchev Delchev

Elitsa Chavdarova Stancheva

Desislava Svetlozarova Tsvetanova




                                                                             CONTROL BOARD OF BTCIC:


                           Dimitar Ivanov  Grozdev

                                                                                  Member of theCB of the BTICIC

Dimitar Ivanov Grozdev is a Bulgarian lawyer specializing in civil and commercial law.
He was born in the town of Stara Zagora in 1972. He graduated from the Faculty of Free University in the town of Bourgas 1998 with a master's degree. He is fluent in English and Russian languages.
After a service in the District Court of Burgas,  in 2001 became a member of the District Court of Stara Zagora.Managing partner at the law firm “Grozdev and Barry” from 2010.
The lawyer Dimitar Ivanov Grozdev was elected a member of  the Control  Board by the General Assembly of the BTCIC, held on 07.07.2014.



                             Stefan Ivanov Zheliazkov

                                                                                 Member of the CB of the BTICIC

Stefan Ivanov Zheliazkov is a prominent Bulgarian politician and industrialist.
He is the founder and the CEO of "Construction Mechanization " PLC -Kazanlak.
“Construction Mechanization” PLC is an engineering company working in the field of underground construction. It was founded in 1991 with main activity repair of construction and road-building equipment. In 1999, the company specializes in the field of the Trenchless Technology. Today “Construction Mechanization” PLC is a leading contractor of the largest trenchless projects, installation and rehabilitation of underground infrastructure in Bulgaria and the region. The company is a manufacturer of the machinery and equipment for the Trenchless Technology. It has its own workshop for repair and recycling of road construction machines (including for the Trenchless Technologies), their units and aggregates.
Stefan Ivanov Zheliazkov is a member of the Board of Directors of the International Society for Trenchless Technology / ISTT /.
One of the founders of the Bulgarian Association for Trenchless Technology and its Chairman from 2007 erenow.
He is a member of the Board of the Chamber of Builders in Bulgaria and Vice Chairman of the its section"Water".

Stefan Ivanov Zheliazkov   was a  participant in the VIII-the  Annual National Conference "Strategic Infrastructure 2013".
There are many presentations on the Trenchless Technology publications in leading journals, such as the  United Nations University-DPC Book on “Capacity Developmentfor Drinking Water Loss. Reduction: Challenges and Experiences.

Stefan Ivanov Zheliazkov was elected a member of the Control  Board by the General Assembly of the BTCIC, held on 07.07.2014.



                            Stefan Stoyanov

                                                                 Member of theCB of the BTICIC

StefanStoyanov is a Bulgarian scientist, diplomat and politician.
He is born September 16, 1954 in Sofia.
Stefan Stoyanov graduated from the Sofia University "Sv. Kl. Ohridski" with a master’s degree Mathematics .He is Dr of Sciences,fluent in English, Greek, German and Russian.
Stefan Stoyanov  is an Associate Professor of Mathematics at the University of World Economy-Sofia and an Associate at the Institute of Mathematics at  the Academy of Sciences. Director of the department  of economic activity at the Union of Mathematicians in Bulgaria.

MP in the7th Grand National Assembly.
On 23 July 1991 founded and chaired the Democratic Party - Conservative Accord.

Ambassador to Republic of Greecefrom March 2002 to March 2007.
Stefan Stoyanov is a founder and member of the Rotary Club in Sofia.
Stefan Stoyanov was elected a member of the Control  Board by the General Assembly of the BTCIC, held on 07.07.2014.