Mission of the BTCIC

"Bulgarian Turkmenistan Chamber of Industry and Commerce" (BTCIC) was established in response to the growing interest of the business representatives from the both countries recognized the many opportunities for the  partnerships. It provides a basis through which the Turkmen and Bulgarian companies, businesses and organizations find the point of intersection of their interests.


"Bulgarian Turkmenistan Chamber of Industry and Commerce" (BTCIC) is a legal entity based in Sofia, Bulgaria and with the Head office:  Bulgaria, 1000 Sofia, 16 Sveta Nedelya Sq.Fl.3, Tel.:+359 2 866 91 48, Fax:+359 2 866 91 48


In its activity it is guided by the law of the country, its Statute and the good business practice.

"Bulgarian Turkmenistan Chamber of Industry and Commerce" (BTCIC) composition is mixed chamber. In it may be members Bulgarian and Turkmen legal entities and individuals, as well as multinational / foreign companies with market interests in the both countries. Cannot be members of the Chamberthe government bodies, political parties, trade unions and religious organizations.


The main objectives of the "Bulgarian Turkmenistan Chamber of Industry and Commerce" (BTCIC) are:

*  Support and development  of the economic relations between Bulgaria and Turkmenistan;

* Protect the business interests of the members in front of the state and public institutions in the Republic of Bulgaria and Turkmenistan, as well as in third countries;

* Encourage and support of the possibilities for a cross-border cooperation and a cooperation with a view to the successful integration of the economic operators on the both sides of the  single global market.

The priority axesin the meeting of theseobjectives are:

* Presentation to the competent state authorities the consistent view of the members of BTCIC on the projects for regulations and decisions in the field of business in order to meet the dynamic market requirements;

* Development and presentation to the competent authorities of the opinions arising from the  business, on the policy of the government institutions, local and regional authorities in the business environment and investment climate;

* Maintain contacts with experts in the field of the commercial, tax, customs and currency legislation of the country and abroad and use them in solving the practical questions;

* Keeping of a voluntary register of the companies and organizations with interests in the development of business in the Bulgaria and Turkmenistan;

* Creating and using own and international information systems and databases for a business, marketing, legal, commercial and other  information;

* Organize and distribute of the printing at home and abroad of the Bulgarian and Turkmen legislation, express - information, bulletins, manuals and other publications, practically oriented on current issues in the field of the foreign economic relations and economic activity;

* Assistance for the implementation of business projects of Bulgarian and Turkmen  companies  by providing a current information on the investment conditions and the conditions for foreign investment in the Bulgaria and Turkmenistan;

* Informing the producers and traders on the legislation, trade and licensing regimes in the both countries, as well as for the procedures and the authorities which  carry them out;

* Organization and performing of specialized exhibitions and other exposition  initiatives; conducting trade missions in the  Turkmenistan and Bulgaria, as well as in third countries and a support for the companies to participate in these events;

* Promote the activities of its members through professional publications and joint participation in international fairs, conferences, symposia, meetings of experts and roundtables at home and abroad, business contacts, specialized exhibitions and representations of Bulgarian and foreign companies at home and abroad;

* Consulting the members on contractual, legal, tax, customs, transport and forwarding, currency, financial and other matters, and on national and international standards, the requirements of international law and European law;

* Development and management of its own initiative or in conjunction with its members of projects in the field of economic development, investment, supporting business infrastructure, entrepreneurship and more. ;

* Development of rules of ethics in the market relations and monitoring their implementation. Upon finding breaches to notify its members and designated authorities;

* Organization of an incidental arbitration / ad hoc / and conciliation proceedings for an amicable settlement of the disputes.


"Bulgarian Turkmen Chamber of Industry and Commerce" (BTCIC) provides a consultancy, training, trade, fund management and other activities permitted by law for meeting its goals. The Chamber involves external experts and research groups, forms research groups, departments of interest groups-industry, trade, tourism and services.

Bodies of management skills of BTCIC are the General Assembly (GA), the Management Board (MB), Chairman of the Board, Control Board (CB) and the Executive Director.

The property of the Chamber cannot be used for any other purpose than to carry out its. It consists of the ownership and other real rights over immovable and movable property contributions of the members, receivables and other rights covered by existing regulations. Its maintenance is provided by membership fees, grants of funds, programs and foundations for the realization of their own and joint projects, business revenues, interest and dividends, donations and other.

"Bulgarian Turkmenistan Chamber of Industry and Commerce" (BTCIC) is a member of the club of joint chambers to Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry(BCCI)