If you ask yourself what is Turkmenistan, there will be as manyanswers as might be and all of themwill be correct. Turkmenistan is a country of horses and poets, placeof carpets and falcons, country of elegance and eastern wisdom, country of striking contrasts.Turkmenistan is a country that had received as an inheritance the mighty culture of the ancient Mesopotamian civilizations.It is yet a country that passed through the hell of history, suffered the dreaded invasion of Greeks, Persians, Arabs, Turks and Mongols, but still resisted and managed to preserve the unique spirit, their spiritual and national identity.Turkmenistan is a country with huge economic and energy potential, achieving the highest levels in all sectors of the fast growing economy, attractive for foreign investments and seeking to take a worthy place among developed nations in the world.We will help you to feel the spirit of this so distantbut so close to us country.



In pursuance of the decisions of the second session of the Intergovernmental Bulgarian-Turkmen Commission for Economic Cooperation, held in Ashgabat in the period 1-2 July 2014 and enshrined in the final protocol thereof, and in accordance with the main objectives and activities of the Bulgarian-Turkmenistan Chamber of Industry and Commerce, assigned to it by the Decision of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria, from 1 October 2014, which the Bulgarian-Turkmenistan Chamber of Industry and Commerce is authorized to take the necessary steps to accelerate and deepen cooperation with Turkmenistan in all areas of mutual interest and in particular to establish and build long-term and fruitful relations in the field of science, culture, art, music, traditions, customs and history between our two nations.

In connection with this is the Decision of the Board of the Chamber from 10.13.2014 to create the Association "Society for Friendship with Turkmenistan" under its aegis.


The Association "Society for Friendship WITH TURKMENISTAN" is a NGO, the organization itself is an independent, voluntary, non-profit, non-religious, non-political, built on a broad-based public and open character. The activity of the Association shall be implemented in accordance with its Statute, consistent with the laws and international treaties of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The Founders of the Association are representatives of business, education and culture.

The headquarters of the Association "SOCIETY FOR FRIENDSHIP WITH TURKMENISTAN" isin Bulgaria,in the city of. Sofia, Trakia № 15Str. Soon we will open an office in the townofAshgabat, Turkmenistan.

Main objectives of the Association "SOCIETY FOR FRIENDSHIP WITH TURKMENISTAN" are:

-to contribute to strengthening and further development of friendship between the Bulgarian and the Turkmen people;

-to contribute to expansion of relations and cooperation with Turkmenistan in all fields of social development, with special attention to trade,economic and scientific-technical cooperation between the Republic of Bulgaria and Turkmenistan;

-to support the strengthening of relations and the realization of greater exchanges between the two countries in the fields of culture, education, sports and tourism.

o achieve its objectives the Association “SOCIETY FOR FRIENDSHIP WITH TURKMENISTAN" shall:

-search and establish contacts and relations with related Turkmen and other international non-governmental organizations;

-assist in establishing a dialogue and direct contacts between Bulgarian and Turkmen government and private companies by developing offers and submitted consideration tolocal and central institutions and departments as well as proposals on the regulation of these relations;

-contribute to the establishment of contacts and cooperation between the creative unions and other cultural institutions in the two countries;

-promote the signing of agreements, plans for cooperation and exchanges in various fields between Bulgaria and the Republic of Turkmenistan.

In its work for the realization of its objectives the Association “SOCIETY FOR FRIENDSHIP WITH TURKMENISTAN" will use a variety of forms and tools including:

-Promotion of the history and modern development of Bulgaria and Turkmenistan, traditions and virtues of the two nations;

-Promotion of Turkmen culture, science, education andtechnical progress in Bulgaria;

-Organization oflectures, exhibitions, concerts, performances, recitals, book presentations, fashion festivals, forums, Film Panorama, meetings, symposia, conferences, seminars, celebration of memorable dates and anniversaries, conducting Days of Bulgaria in Turkmenistan and days of Turkmenistan in Bulgaria;


-Arrangment of economic and business forums;


-Conducting commercial and industrial exhibitions;


-Organization of presentations of industrial production and selksostopanska Bulgarian Turkmen and economic structures;


-Conductionof specialized scientific and practical conferences, seminars, symposia, round tables and more.


-Conduction of press conferences, briefings, advertising and information related to the activity of the Association.