“Turkmen-Tranzit” Is the First in Turkmenistan to Receive a Certificate of Conformity for Its Own Development


On the Eve of New 2021 Year the Main State Service “Turkmenstandartlary” issued to “Turkmen-Tranzit” company the certificate of conformity for “Netije” software developed by them. 

Software represents the app of electronic document workflow.

Safe and structured “Netije” contains such functions as “User card”, “Electronic signature”, “Search and storage of documents”, “Document management”.

Five modules of the app “General directories”, “Contractors”, “Company”, “Document flow”, “Tasks and assignments” help correctly and rationally tune digital work with all documents in any organization or business structure.

“Netije” product is adaptive (user can add any personal document), procures control of performing discipline and instructions, operates in the Turkmen and Russian languages.

At present time “Turkmen-Tranzit” company is the first in Turkmenistan who developed their personal decision of electronic document workflow and received certificate of conformity.

“Turkmen-Tranzit” team has far-reaching plans and new ideas ahead.