On the Occasion of the 25th Anniversary of Turkmenistan's Neutrality, the Central Bank Introduces New Banknotes


As wrote today’s newspaper “Neutral Turkmenistan” in December 2020 the Central Bank of Turkmenistan on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of country’s neutrality adopts new modified banknotes in the denomination of 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 manats. 

The color and design of the face side of the banknotes in general are preserved the same, on each banknote is shown the symbol of the year “Turkmenistan is the motherland of Neutrality”.

On the back sides of the banknotes the Turkmenbashi international seaport and the Constitution Monument are shown, and also formerly shown buildings on the banknotes the class of 2014. 

These changes are introduced with the aim of enhancing security features and improving visual security elements of the banknotes. Security elements of the banknotes of the class 2020 were enhanced, also  by the rainbow printing of symbol of the year “Turkmenistan is the motherland of Neutrality”. 

On the face side of the banknotes the year of issue and facsimile of signature of the Chairman of the Central Bank of Turkmenistan is shown.





On the territory of Turkmenistan these banknotes are in full legal and money at nominal value by all entities, organizations and establishments irrespective of the form of incorporation and the field of activities. 

All banknotes of the Central Bank of Turkmenistan of the sample of the years 2009, 2012, 2014 and 2017 continue to be the legal means of exchange of the territory of the country. 

The Central Bank of Turkmenistan reminds, that f that in order to reliably determine the authenticity of banknotes, it is necessary to check at least five security features.
Information on the design and signs of authenticity of banknotes and coins in circulation in the territory of Turkmenistan can be found on the website of the Central Bank of Turkmenistan at: http://www.cbt.tm.






As it is stated in today’s newspaper “Neutral Turkmenistan”, the Central Bank of Turkmenistan issues golden and silver commemorative coins in honor of 25th anniversary of neutrality of Turkmenistan.

Due to the unique design reflecting the content of the event, coins of 100 manat each have artistic value and special aesthetics, as well as enduring collection value. 

On the front side of the new coins in the center on the background of the rays of the rising sun the emblem of this year “Turkmenistan is the motherland of Neutrality” is shown. In the upper part along the mount the inscription “TÜRKMENISTAN – BITARAPLYGYŇ MEKANY” (“TURKMENISTAN IS A PLACE OF NEUTRALITY”) and in the lower part – “1995–2020” is shown.

The golden coin – Au 916,7 – weights 39,94 gramms, silver – Ag 925 – 28,28 gramms.





The diametr of the coins is equal to 36.81 mm. New coins possess with specular gloss, and their relief pattern is distinguished by a clear prescription of even the smallest details. The certificate of the Central Bank of Turkmenistan attached to the coins certifies the highest quality of minting in accordance with the international proof standard.

The coins were minted by the order of the Central Bank by the famous company “Eng Leong Medallis Industries Pte Ltd” (Singapore), specializing in the creation of state orders, awards and medals.