Turkmenistan Entered the Top 100 National Brands in the World

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Turkmenistan is among the top 100 national brands in the world. The British international consulting company Brand Finance, specializing in the audit and assessment of brands, has published a new ranking of 100 national brands in 2020. According to this rating, Turkmenistan took 81st place.

The ranking of national brands includes gross domestic product (GDP), investment and tourism attractiveness, trade policies and rules, and social concepts. It is reported by centralasia.news .

The rating is compiled on the basis of government statistics and research results regularly conducted by international organizations. He also works in partnership with the Institute of Management and the World Economic Forum. Based on the results of the comparative study, each country is assigned a rating from AAA (strong national brand) to DDD (no national brand). These letter categories make up the brand index.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the price of the world's 100 most expensive brands has plummeted $ 13.1 trillion this year, according to the company, but some countries have managed to maintain growth nonetheless.