The Head of the State Has Cycling Ride, Visits Equestrian Complex and Sanatorium


On early Sunday morning, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov had a cycling ride in the foothills as well as visited his favorite ahalteke horses. Having announced health of the nation as a priority of the government policy, supporter of healthy life style, the Head of the State regular does physical exercises and goes in for sport showing example to fellow countrymen.

Cycling is an excellent way to keep physical form and as the President of the country notes it helps strengthening health and immunity of man, making him stronger in resistance of various diseases. The cycling is preferred more and more in Turkmenistan as a eco-friendly sport and number of supporters is increasing every year.

… Autumn air of the foothills is clear and filled with phytoncides of manmade conifer forests growing in this place. Multi-volume encyclopedia Herbal Plants of Turkmenistan, which was written by President of Turkmenistan, Academic of the Academy of Science of Turkmenistan, Doctor of Medicine, Professor Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, describes healing properties of many plants growing in our country including juniper, which has strong health improving effect.

Thus, according to recent information, 1 hectare of pine forest produce almost 5 kg of phytoncides into atmosphere, while juniper forest around 30 kg. this amount is enough to protect average size settlement from many things, which is very current in the period of virus activation.

In the last years, millions of coniferous trees have been planted in all regions and around the capital by the initiative of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. The action was supported by the nation. It is held every year and people come to work with pleasure increasing green belts of our cities and villages, which supports ecological wealth of the country.

Passing by the Yanardag Monument, which was installed in honour of the legendary horse, the Head of the State has enjoyed looking at monumental statue. This sculptural composition embodies everlasting glory of ahalteke horses and has become one of the brightest art attractions of our white-marble capital.

Famous horse Yanardag has become special trace in the state symbols of Turkmenistan – this is the horse that pictured in the centre of the emblem of our independent neutral country. In sculptural interpretation, the image of the horse is shown as if moving forward embodying confident movement of the state toward the heights of progress.

All reforms and major programmes in Turkmenistan are based on care of people, which are the main wealth of society and state. Sports and healthy life style support to full reveal of human capabilities. The best conditions have been made in the country for this; relative infrastructure is developed and active propaganda is carried out. It has become a good tradition to hold public cycling races on occasion of remarkable dates.

The adoption of the Resolution of the United Nations General Assembly on declaration of June 3 as the World Bicycle Day indicates international recognition of this and other initiatives of the Head of the State as well as growing authority of our country in the world arena.

During the ride, the Head of the State has looked around beautiful Ashgabat that is spread along the valley. View of the city impresses with expansion and architectural ensembles indicating success of large-scale changes made under the leadership of the President of the country.

After, the President went toward equestrian complex, having assessed the works for development of the southern part of the capital where new business and cultural centre of Ashgabat has been formed up recently.

Upon arrival to Ahalteke Equestrian Complex of the President of Turkmenistan, the Head of the State went to see Shapolat the horse and had a ride.

Owing to support of the Head of the State, Turkmen horse breeders and coaches carry out an efficient work for protection of purity of ahalteke horses, increment of livestock, breeding of horses of elite breed lines. Today, the glory of fast ahalteke horses continues its centuries-old flight across the countries and continents. Our ancestors have cultivated this breed of horses, which are famous all over the world, by hard work and have brought and improved its outstanding characteristics for us.

At present time, Turkmenistan carries out major activity for poularization of ahalteke horses on international level. Modern equestrian complexes have been built in all regions of the country in the last year. It is aimed not only at modernization of horse breeding industry but also at development of equestrian sport, attraction into industry and training of young specialists like horse breeders, jockeys, coaches. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov does many things to take national equestrian sports to the world arena.

Major celebration events in the country are rarely held without participation of ahalteke horses, which add bright colours and emotional saturation to the events. Special role is given to races. It means that one of the oldest Turkmen traditions is continued in our days, having received modern content.

After, the head of the State rode the horse to racing track and let go the reins. Shapolat has burst into trotting sensitively catching the moves of the rider and showing an excellent training and skills.

The President, who treats horses with tender love, has dedicated number of his literary works to them, in which the role and place of ahalteke horses in life and destiny of Turkmen people is revealed. The books give plenty of information about the history of origin and development of this breed and its best representatives. People have liked the books and foreign audience reads them with pleasure discovering many new information about ahalteke horses.

The Head of the State notes that Turkmens have always thought the horse as its best friend, reliable assistant and loyal companion on the roads of history. Today, the traditions of national horse breeding have not just been protected owing to succession of skills of coaches, national breeders but also have been improved and enriched with new scientific and technical achievements.

Having spent some time with his favorite horse, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov left equestrian complex. Having continued his way, the Head of the State has stopped at frontier outpost. Duty officer has reported to the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces that all is quiet at the outpost.

Having received the report, the Head of the State asked about daily activity of the border guard personnel, conditions of life and rest. Soldiers have told that they have all necessary conditions.

Turkmen leader has also asked about professions the soldiers learn while serving the duty and what they do in free time. The soldiers have told that their outpost has favourable conditions for self-development including for sports, for which the outpost has special sport ground and equipment.

Military service combined with active sport exercises strengthens health and spirit of soldiers, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov said. Physical training and sports are important for young men as it enhances further formation of individual, life principles and values, the Head of the State highlighted.

The President has also expressed interest in what soldiers are going to do after the army service. The soldiers have shared that all of them have their dreams about future. Someone is going to enter Border Guard Institute and receive high military education while someone is planning to receive civil profession and become qualified specialist in chosen sphere.

Answering the questions, military personnel informed that they are preparing to the events dedicated to the 29th anniversary of independence.

The Head of the State has noted that we have another remarkable event this year – the 25th anniversary of permanent neutrality of Turkmenistan. Based on neutral and legal foreign political status, our country has adopted Military doctrine, which has exclusively defensive character, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlighted. The borders of the Motherland have turned into border of friendship and brotherhood, we have good neighborliness relations with all neighboring countries, the Head of the State said.

Continuing the conversation, the President of Turkmenistan has noted that the country will celebrate another remarkable date next year – the 30th anniversary of independence and achievements of the state for all these years would be demonstrated during the events. Having said that border guard personnel has an important role in provision of interests of sovereign country and peace of people, the Head of the State expressed firm confidence that soldier would always be loyal to military oath.

Young warriors have assured that they would also learn about military equipment and master combat skills in order to perform their duties and set objectives successfully. Having wished success in service to the soldiers, the Head of the State wished them goodbye and left the outpost.

On his way, the President has stopped near the forest strip. Expansion of forest zones, protection of biodiversity of the country are among the priorities of the government policy. Improvement of ecological condition of all regions of Turkmenistan is the result of its implementation based on scientific approaches and international exchange of advanced practice.

During the trip around outskirts of the capital, the Head of the State has visited construction site of new sanatorium in Bagabat settlement in Ak Bugday etrap. Construction of health improving facility is at the final stage. At the same time, the construction of road to this facility is carried out at high rates.

As is known, during inspection of construction works in this place earlier, Turkmen leader has given instruction to Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers Sh. Durdiliyev to provide construction of new 22-km road to sanatorium, which is aimed at provision of recreational services for strengthening of health of the population, on high level

Upon arrival, the manager of construction company has reported to the Head of the State about the work including on formation of green zones and development of the territory around the complex and on construction of coming road.

During the visit to construction site, the President said that he would give instruction to profile leaders to build scientific and clinical centre of virology, bacteriology and epidemiology in this place.

The Head of the State has noted that study of negative impact of consequences of Aral crisis on environment of the region and health of people as well as reduction of this impact and prevention of disease caused by this issue would be the main objectives of this centre.

It is worth to highlight in this case that protection of health of the citizens in our country is a priority of the government policy. Our achievements in health protection sphere are the results of far-seeing decisions and tireless efforts of Academic of the Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Medicine, Professor Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

The Head of the State pays special attention to use of natural resources of the country in medical practice, organization of health improving and recreational services.

The Head of the State has inspected the construction of sanatorium complex, its provision and decoration, having recommended to use national patterns in modern design of the decoration. Architecture of the facility has to merge into surrounding landscape and match it, the President noted, having requested that the road going to new sanatorium has to meet high international standards.

It was also noted that sanatorium complex would be provided with high technology equipment. It will provide medical services of various range.

Having inspected the works, the Head of the State highlighted that high quality construction of the sanatorium and timely completion of works are the main requirements. The construction personnel have assured the President that they would fulfil set objectives with honour.


State News Agency of Turkmenistan