Ashgabat Hosts Turkmenistan Taekwondo Championship (ITF)



According to ITF, Taekwondo is recognized as one of the most spectacular sports. Aimed primarily at self-defense, this martial art attracts both boys and girls with a balance of philosophy and physical activity.

This balance was demonstrated today by representatives of the Turkmen taekwondo school (ITF) in the framework of the Championship of Turkmenistan. The Taekwondo Federation of the country held for the fans of this martial art demonstrations by eminent athletes and the younger generation of champions.

On the dojo (platform) a real show unfolded. Multiple champion of Turkmenistan, Central Asia, holder of the Asian Taekwondo Cup Orazmurad Charyev easily and acrobatically grappled three opponents at once, smashed boards held at different heights, and gave out almost ballet pirouettes, taking off in the next jump.

The fragile-looking girl Myahri Agaeva, also the champion of Turkmenistan and the winner of international tournaments, demonstrated that taekwondo art is ideal for women, and not only as a means of “educating” the strong half, but also to maintain physical health. Her performance was supported by the whole audience - the elegance with which the athlete overturned two opponents found a response in both the male and female parts of the audience.

But athletes unobtrusively recalled that taekwondo, like any martial arts, is not only an opportunity to find out who is stronger. This is a whole philosophy based on strength of mind, concentration, ability to overcome physical and psychological barriers.

Such a spectacular demonstration was the display of thyla (tulle) - special movements and racks. Most thyla in ITF Taekwondo begin with a defensive movement that emphasizes the defensive nature of taekwondo. They begin and end in the same place, demonstrating the clarity and accuracy of the athlete's movements.

And then shards of shingles flew to the sides. Spectators gasped when Orazberdy Annamuradov broke several layers with one blow.

They will have to cheer athletes more than once, now during sparring. Indeed, it is precisely in the opposition of the strong that one can observe the effectiveness and harmony of martial arts.

Spectators whistled, applauded and chanted the names of their champions, trying to shout down the "warring" camp of fans. But both winners and losers were honored equally loudly and enthusiastically. After all, sport is, first of all, about victory over oneself, over one’s inertness and weakness. And these athletes have already won both. And they continue to strive for excellence.