Show Jumping Competitions Were Held in Ashgabat


В Ашхабаде прошли соревнования по конкуру | Спорт


A show jumping competition was held in the open arena of the Ashgabat equestrian complex, dedicated to the National holiday of the Turkmen horse, the newspaper "Neutral Turkmenistan" reports.

More than a dozen riders took part in the tournament organized by the state Association "Türkmen atlary" and the Federation of equestrian sports of Turkmenistan.

The competition was held in two steeplechases’ and a jump. The first consisted of eleven obstacles up to 115 centimeters high. In total, riders had to make 14 jumps, since in addition to single barriers, two systems consisting of two and three obstacles were included. Riders who earned no more than four penalty points were allowed to participate in the second steeplechase. According to the results, seven athletes continued to compete in the next stage.
В Ашхабаде прошли соревнования по конкуру

In the second round were riders Nicholay Beglaryan, who spoke on horse “Toychi”, Fagilya Zaripova — on “Vezipeli” and Ezberguly Babaliyev — on “Terbash”. These athletes have proven their skills in show jumping more than once. The second steeplechase also consisted of 11 obstacles and 14 jumps, but now the maximum height was 130 centimeters. According to the results of the second round jump-off was held. This time for speed and agility. Here the riders had to overcome six obstacles.

During the competition, the riders demonstrated high skill and mutual understanding with their horses. The award ceremony for the winner and prize-winners was held on April 26 during the celebrations on the occasion of the National Holiday of the Turkmen Horse.

In the open arena of the Ashgabat equestrian center during competitions in show jumping was won by Yazgeldy Garajayev, who spoke on “Altynhan”. His time was 51.07 seconds. In second place — Ezberguly Babalyev on horse - “Terbash”. The pair completed the route in 51.59 seconds. The champion of the V Asian indoor and martial arts games 2017, Nikolay Beglaryan on the horse “Toychi” (51.72 seconds) closed the top three.

— "I spoke on behalf of the equestrian Federation of Turkmenistan. I am very happy that I showed a good result. last year, I took part in a tournament dedicated to the national holiday of the Turkmen horse, but among young athletes. then I became the third, and I really wanted to improve my result. With “Altynhan” we became a great team. I think I understand him and he understands me. Many thanks to the distinguished President of Turkmenistan for the attention and care he gives to equestrian sports in our country," Yazgeldy Garajayev said in an interview with the “Neutral Turkmenistan” newspaper.

The tournament once again confirmed the popularity of show jumping in Turkmenistan. The growth of interest in this sport is due not only to its entertainment and beauty. This combines technique, care and a clear understanding of the distribution of the center of gravity during the jump.