Bulgaria Has Approved Draft Bilateral Agreements on the Regulation of Labor Migration with Albania and Turkmenistan


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The Council of Ministers has approved drafts of bilateral agreements on regulation of labor migration between the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria and the governments of the Republic of Albania and Turkmenistan. This was reported by the Government Information Service. The projects will serve as a basis for negotiating issues related to the regulation of employment of citizens of these countries in Bulgaria.

Bilateral agreements are a tool for meeting the needs of Bulgarian businesses for the workforce in the face of sustained economic growth trends, increased demand for labor and a reduction in unemployment in Bulgaria.

The documents stipulate that employees shall enjoy the same employment rights and obligations in the territory of the receiving State as well as equal protection with local workers. On the part of Bulgaria the agreements will be implemented by the Employment Agency.

Currently, Bulgaria has signed agreements on labor migration regulation with Armenia, Moldova and Georgia, which have entered into force. Negotiations are underway to sign such agreements, and Ukraine and Belarus are in place. A mandate has been taken to negotiate and conclude bilateral agreements with Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.