Turkmen Milli Logistika Company Launched Shipment of Sulphur Using Novel Тechnology

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Today, the Turkmen Milli Logistika (TMK) Open Joint Stock Company launched the transportation of technical gas sulfur through novel technology. It uses bag-containers with a loading capacity of 13 tons.

The presentation of bag-containers was held at the exhibition of innovative technologies within the Framework of the Caspian Economic Forum I. The unique feature of the containers is not the only capacity, but they can be used as a warehouse for storage or transportation of goods. With protection against precipitation, it does not leak moisture. They also facilitate loading and unloading.

Representative of the Turkmen company TML says, ‘Monthly transportation capacity of sulfur will be in the amount of 20.000 tons. Within the scope of the Caspian Forum, private business companies solemnly signed a Memorandum on the establishment of the Turkmenbashi-Baku-Batumi-Kherson logistics corridor. We signed a Memorandum on the Turkmenbashi-Baku-Batumi-Kherson corridor. The signatories of the document were by Sodrujestvo Open JSC (Ukraine), Public Union of Baltic and Black Sea Economic Forum, Kuryk port of Kazakhstan, and Turkmen Milli Logistika Open Joint Stock Company from the Turkmen side. Our joint efforts are progressing successfully thanks to the support of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan.

The instrument envisions geopolitical and economic trends as well as the development of transport and logistics models of cargo movement, the existing experience in the implementation of international programs as well as the possibility of creating interregional and international consortia.