Turkmenistan Became a Member of the World Water Council

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The state water Committee of Turkmenistan has been elected to the world water Council. This decision was made at the session of the Board of Governors of the world water Council, the meeting of which was held in Cairo (Egypt), the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Turkmenistan reports.

The world Water Council is an international, non-profit, multi-stakeholder platform designed to mobilize action on pressing water-related issues at all levels, including at the highest level of decision-making.

Established in 1996, the world water Council brings together more than 300 organizations in 50 countries. The headquarters of the organization is located in Marseille. The President of the world water Council is Loic Fauchon.

The Supreme power in the world water Council is vested in the General Assembly of members, who are guided by the Charter and Regulations of the Council.

The General Assembly shall convene at least once every three years for regular meetings and for extraordinary meetings as necessary.

The General Assembly shall elect and appoint a maximum of 35 members to The Board of the Council in accordance with the Charter and Regulations. The city of Marseille, where the headquarters of the world water Council is located, has a permanent seat on the Board.

The Board of the Council, in turn, elects its President, who appoints a Bureau composed of the Vice President, Treasurer and other members.

The Bureau and it is a Executive Director are responsible for managing the activities of the world water Council and making decisions between Board meetings.

The world water Council intensifies collective work during the preparation and holding of each world water forum – the largest global event in the water sphere. The forum, organized every three years in a specific country, provides a unique platform on which the water community and key decision-makers can interact and achieve certain results towards addressing global water-related issues. The forum brings together participants from all levels and spheres, including politicians, multilateral organizations, academia, civil society, and the private sector. The dates of the Forum usually coincide with world water day-March 22.

The last, eighth world water Forum was held in Brasília (Brazil) from 18 to 23 March 2018.