Turkmen Athlete Is Gold Medalist at XX World Crossbow Shooting Championship



In the city of Ulyanovsk (Russian Federation), the XX World Crossbow Shooting Championship ended, which was a record for the number of participants - more than 350 athletes.

Thirty-five countries of the world sent the best archers to participate in the tournament, held under the auspices of the International Crossbow Shooting Union. Turkmenistan was no exception, whose honor at the World Championships was defended by the Chairman of the Federation of Turkmenistan of Crossbow Shooting Vepa Sahedov.

In the discipline "Crossbow shooting among athletes who started training in 2019," the representative of the Turkmenistan archers scored 1,451 points.

The performance resultof VepaSahedov at the XX World Crossbow Shooting Championship in Ulyanovsk is the first place and the title of world champion.