"Moon" Foal Akhal-Teke Grows in Japan

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As we have already reported, this year, on the last day of May in Japan was born a foal-Akhal-Teke – the first in the history of horse breeding in this country. This happy event happened on an equestrian ranch, which is owned by Ms. Yuriko Hasegawa, the President of the Japanese Association of Akhal-Teke (Japan Akhalteke Association). The baby was named Familia.

The remarkable news that the "Golden horse" – Akhal-Teke was first born in Japan, was published by major Japanese Newspapers with hundreds of thousands of subscribers, as well as popular Internet sites – "Tooku Daily", Press Net Japan (PNJ), ORICON NEWS, NewsCollect, Higashi-Ok Daily News Agency, "Speedy" and many other media. And, of course, this was reported to its viewers by the TV channel "ATV AOMORI TELEVISION" – the region on the island of Honshu, where the ranch Hasegawa.

As noted in the publications, "Akhal-Teke" – a very ancient breed of horses, their homeland – Turkmenistan, where they are a national treasure. They are also called "Golden horses" because many of them wool factually "glows gold". Akhal-Teke people differ not only in extraordinary beauty, but they are also smarter than other horses and at the same time very frisky and physically strong.

Two weeks after birth, the foal Familia weighed almost 40 kilograms, her height was about 1 meter in height. The coat color of the foal – bright, but it changes depending on sunlight. He also, as they say in such cases, horse breeders, "fish-eye". This means that the iris is almost transparent, and only the eyeballs are blue.



Now to visit the ranch Hasegawa strangers, including journalists, are not allowed to not disturb the horses. But the pictures of the "family of Akhal-Teke horses" appear regularly in "Twitter", "Yahoo!", "Facebook" and other popular international social networks.

People from around the world admire the little Akhal-Teke, leave comments to the photos. Here are some of them: "Golden horse" – the first success inbreeding in Japan!", "Akhal-Teke is so beautiful that it seems to me that they are from another world...", "Very beautiful "moon" colt Akhalteke, do you grow well?", "Horses have so many colors – black and white, there are spotted horses, with patterns like deer. However, there is among them a horse with a "Golden" hair, which cannot be forgotten once seen. His name is Akhalteke!»

We offer our readers to admire the small Akhal-Teke horse in distant Japan, whose ancestors once lived in the foothills of the Akhal valley, on the fertile Turkmen land. We will continue to talk about how Familia is growing in Japan.