The Turkmen Alabai is a Reliable Watchdog and a National Treasure of Turkmenistan


Алабай – важная часть национального достояния туркмен



Turkmen alabay puppy whose President Vladimir Putin got a gift from the leader of Turkmenistan, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, is one of the oldest dogs on the Ground, reliable guard and protector. This opinion is shared by scientists, the same is said in the book of the famous historian owasa Gundogdyev, who for many years studied the cultural heritage of peoples of Turkmenistan.

Turkmen Alabai or Volkodav — a kind of Central Asian shepherd. This breed is considered one of the most ancient on Earth. One of the first images Alabai in Turkmenistan dates back to the II century BC This image of a boy holding by the collar a fierce lobodanova dog on the Parthian Riton (horn-shaped vessel of ivory), discovered during excavations at the ancient site of Old Nisa, near Ashgabat.

According to scientists, the birthplace of these dogs is Central Asia where they were deported to Mesopotamia, India, China.

The dog guarding cattle, played an important role in the life of Turkmen ancestors. So, the collection of sacred texts of Zoroastrians «Avesta» there are harsh penalties for injuries, or even poor feeding dogs.

There, in particular, said: «Who’ll kill the dog from guarding cattle, guarding the home, hunting and trained, the soul that with a great cry and a great howl will go to a future life than could a wolf to yell, once in the deepest trap.» «Avesta» and gives the explanation why the Sheepdog is so highly valued in ancient times: «Not standing firmly, my home on earth… if it were not for the dogs guarding the cattle and the keepers of the house».

All-Union competition of dogs held in the same year, proved the benefit of alabais in all services: Archie became the winner in the investigative service, Package — guard, Kyzyl — guard. Thus, alabais surpassed numerous representatives of renowned European service breeds.

But after that, they have not performed factory work in nurseries. Their fun to use in patrol service and for the rest, the choice fell on the German shepherd. And Turkmen shepherds continued to work with the breed, actively using alabais, as a Millennium ago, in the protection and grazing.

Puppies Turkmen alabais necessarily cropped ears and tails, rubbing wounds with ashes. On the tail leave 4-5 vertebrae from the base. This ancient custom had a practical value. The dogs removed the most vulnerable places to injure in combat. In addition, the cutting of the ears leads to hearing improvement.

Puppies are taught only to the commands of the master, and from childhood to train at the wolf, pitting with the wolves or throwing them to the skin. These dogs are not afraid of smells large predators and learn their habits in combat. Puppies alabais are constantly in flocks and accompany them during transitions. Weak animals are eliminated, but the survivors of the dog grow healthy, strong, with well-developed responses.

Sharply continental climate of Turkmenistan, where in the deserts of endless winds and cold replaced the heat, and the water is limited, requires to overcome long distances when he hauls a well-developed respiratory and locomotor systems. They are needed not only to overcome the difficult conditions of existence, but also to predators.

The movement Alabai leisurely, what some researchers take for «hard lynx». However, running in this breed, but flocks move slowly, so the movement Alabai economical and springy. And the place of grazing horses performs the role of guardian, lying somewhere on an elevated place. However, in case of danger the dog is capable of lightning-fast shots.

Currently, alabay, as the Akhal-Teke horse is a national treasure of Turkmenistan, the export abroad of purebred animals without official permission was impossible.