Active Participation of BTCIC in the VII Investment Forum of Turkmenistan

The delegation of the Bulgarian-TurkmenistanChamber of Industry and Commerce participated in the VII Investment Forum of Turkmenistan, which took place in the resort "Avaza", in the period 10-11thofNovember,2015 and was organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan.

The main topicof the Forum was the investment policy in energy, communications, transport and tourism infrastructure, as well as in the main elements of its construction.

The Forum was attended by representatives of leading corporations and companies from France, Austria, Spain, Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey, Russia, South Korea and others., As well as representatives of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Asian Development Bank and Islamic Development Bank.

The lecturers at the Forum were Minister of Economy and Development of Turkmenistan, Mr. Yoldash Sheripov, Deputy Minister of Industry, rail and road transport, communications, the chairman of the State Commission of Maritime and River Transport, chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of Turkmenistan, the Central Bank of Turkmenistan, Foreign Trade Bank and others.

At the VII Investment Forum, Bulgaria was represented by the delegation of Bulgarian-Turkmenistan Chamber of Industry and Commerce, led by Deputy Chairman of the Chamber Mr. Daniel Delchev.

In his speech, Mr. Delchev stressed the importance of a modern infrastructure for the sustainable development of the economy of each state, as well as the importance of close and successful cooperation between the two countries from different regions and continents, to build a modern and multi-functional infrastructure.

During the Forum, the Bulgarian delegation held a series of bilateral meetings with the Minister of Economy and Development of Turkmenistan, the deputy minister of railway and motor transportation of Turkmenistan, with the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan, representatives of all the participating countries as well as with representatives of the participating banks.

During these meetings, issues related to the expansion of bilateral cooperation between Bulgaria and Turkmenistan in particular the expansion and deepening of direct contacts between companies of the two countries, the organization of fairs and exhibitions, learning opportunities of Turkmen students in Bulgaria, as well as all the initiatives of the Bulgarian-Turkmen Industrial and Commerce Chamber relating to the establishment of long-term cooperation in all fields of social and economic life.

Some of the highlights of the event:

















19.11.2015                                                                                                                   BTCIC