The Deputy Chairman of the Bulgarian-Turkmenistan Chamber of Industry and Commerce (BTCIC) - Mr. Daniel Delchev together with the Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr.  Recep Zipkinkurt,Mr. Mehmet Eren- Chairman of Assembly and  the Head of International affairs of the Chamber - Mrs. Nurai Yilmaz had a meeting in Edirne, Turkey. By the invitation of the Turkish side, the meeting was held in regards of implementation of the bilateral partnership with BTCIC. The meeting was scheduled in order to begin bilateral and trilateral projects that are connected with the expansion of trade and economic cooperation between the economic organizations of the Republic of Bulgaria, Republic of Turkey and Turkmenistan.


Chairman of the Edirne Chamber of  Commerce and Industry (ECCI), Mr. Eren emphasized that Turkey is a country with huge economic and energy potential, which reaches the highest levels in all sectors of its booming economy and occupy a worthy place among developed countries. The meeting discussed the possibilities of establishing contacts and exchanging between Turkish and Bulgarian companies, in search of new opportunities for business success, as well as providing a wide range of services, which will meet the expectations of members of the two Chambers.


From his side, Mr. Delchev informed the hosts about the economic situation in Bulgaria, about the success that BTCIC has achieved in accelerating and deepening cooperation with Turkmenistan in all fields of mutual interest and in particular to establish and build long-term and fruitful relations in trade-economic sphere.
The sectors of mutual interest for BTCIC and ECCI, which are mainly construction, engineering, tourism, transport, food business and agriculture were outlined in the meeting.

As a result of the negotiations, a Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation between BTCIC and ECCI was signed. With this document, both organizations take the Obligations of expanding cooperation in the fields of export and import, investment, exchange business information and other activities in the field of trade and economic relations.