Bulgarian Participation in the International Tourism Conference in Turkmenistan

International Tourism Conference "Turizm- Ambassador of Peace"washeld in the city of Mary, Turkmenistan, during the period 15-18 June2015.



The conference was attended by representatives of  the Russia, Romania, Czech Republic, Ukraine, the United Nations’World Tourism Organization, Malaysia,Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Turkey and China.Bulgarian delegation was led by the Executive Director of the Bulgarian-Turkmen Chamber of Industry and Commerce - Mr. Nikolai Stratiev, also attended by Mrs. Albena Metodieva - Director of Directorate "Marketing and advertising" of the Ministry of Tourism, Mr. Milcho Milev - DeputyMayorof the municipality of Primorsko, professor  Bakardzhieva “SwobodnyiUniversity”of Varnacityand professorNenkova -“SwobodnyiUniversity”of Varnacity




In his opening speech, Mr. Kerim Durdymuradov - the Chairman of the State Committee for Tourism of Turkmenistan, stressed the special importance of tourism for the development of peace in the region of Central Asia.At the same time, he stressed the desire of Turkmenistan to develop broader cooperation with all countries, which is based on the full neutrality of the country.




During the conference, on the initiative and proposal of the Chairman of the State Committee for Tourism of Turkmenistan - Mr. Kerim Durdymyradov held a one-hour meeting with the Bulgarian delegation. During the meeting, they discussed specific initiatives as forms of cooperation in the field of tourism between the two countries.



At the beginning of the meeting he asked interviewees to convey his sincere good wishes and greetings to members of the Bulgarian-Turkmen industrial and Chamber of Commerce and especially its chairman, Mr Georgi Agafonov also convey his invitation to the Bulgarian Minister of Tourism - Ms. Nikolina Angelkova and Mr. Agafonov about the upcoming International conference in the resort "Avaza" which will be held on late September of this year.




During the meeting, Mr. Durdymyradov presented his new initiative which is forwarded mainly to Bulgaria, offering within the next two months, on a mutual basis, to conduct information and familiarization excursions for Bulgarian and Turkmen journalists and tour operators. The Turkmen side expressed its readiness to 50-60 tour operators and journalists for such information tour in Turkmenistan for the period of 8-10 days.

The Turkmen side is ready to take on all the costs of the tour with the exception of the airplane ticket to and from Ashgabat, they will do whatever is necessary to have a visa free of charge, but insist that the first round to be held in Turkmenistan.

Mr. Durdymyradov noted that before the tourism conference, which will be in "Avaza" on 28-30 September 2015, he expects the implementation of at least one such tour, and maybe two.

This will be done because, during the forthcoming conference, both two ministers - Bulgaria and Turkmenistan are willing to show the development of fast and efficient cooperation, which starts almost from zero.

During the meeting, Deputy Municipality of the city Primorsko - Mr. Milcho Milev presented his initiative, which will be held in organized with the Bulgarian-Turkmen Chamber of Industry and Commerce, more specifically: the youth folk ensemble from Turkmenistan consisting of 50-60 people to participate this summer in traditional folk festival, which is held annually for more than 20 years in the resorts - Primorsko and Kiten, from 1 July to 30 August.

Municipality Primorsko undertakes to promote the Turkmen side in terms of logistics, therefore considering the possibility to ask for help fromthe Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Tourism to promote preferential visas for Turkmen delegation also agrees to assume the costs ofthe group leaders during their stay in the country.




The Turkmen side very much welcomedthis initiative and supported.In the end of the meeting Mr. Durdymyradov officially announcedthat he would send an official invitation to the Minister Angelkovoy to participate in the upcoming conference tourism.

On the basis of the conference, therewas presentation "The new model of training for tourism" prepared by Boyadzhieva - professor of Technological Institute of Varna, and alsotourist informational filmabout Bulgariawas shown.




The Bulgarian delegation visited the State Historical and Cultural Park "Ancient Merv" - which is the subject of the UNESCO, the oldest and well reservedoasis city on the Silk Road of Central Asia. The ancient remains of the oasis have history of more than four thousand years.