We will never relax our attention to our race horses, as they are our pride and glory and source of our inspiration. Born on the Turkmen land, Ahalteke horse is a symbol of a striking harmony, beauty, gracefulness and incomparable swiftness given to it by nature and developed by the labor and mind of a man.


President of Turkmensitan



Akhalteke Horses-our Pride and Glory

This book tells about the unique Akhalteke stallions that hold a special place in the cultural heritage of Turkmenistan. This book of the President of Turkmenistan acquaints the reader closer with the beauty and elegance of legendary horses.




The flight of Celestial Race Horses

In this publication, it is visually told about the Akhalteke, the glorious horse whom the Turkmen nation values so sensibly.





A Horse – a Symbol of Faithfulness and

In this book, the role of horses in forming patriotism and humane traditions of Turkmen people is described.


Swift Step of the Horse Racer

This book is about the uniqueness of Akhalteke stallions, the magnificence of this breed and its importance for the Turkmen nation.




Turkmen alabay

In this book, the Head of State tells about the uniqueness of faithful Turkmen alabay who became the brilliant defender of the Turkmen nation. The book contains interesting facts about their history and role in the Turkmen family.