Trading House Ashgabat



The main objective of the Trading House - becoming a link in the interaction between economic agents of Turkmenistan and Bulgaria in the process of promotion of Turkmen quality products and the image of Turkmenistan in Bulgaria, as well as promoting the development of the Bulgarian-Turkmenistani economic relations.


The prerequisites for the creation of the Trade House is an agreement between the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Government of Turkmenistan on economic cooperation for the promotion and expansion of new and existing business contacts between the subjects of foreign economic activity on both sides,between the business communities, the promotion of mutual visits and meetings of private individuals and entrepreneurs.Decisions of the Second Session of the Bulgarian-Turkmen government commission, during which was discussed the creation of "Trade House" – BulgarianinTurkmenistan and Turkmen in Bulgaria,that will facilitate contacts between the two countries and help direct exchange of information.


Bulgarian businesses wanting to promote economic cooperation in areas of mutual interest on the basis of equality and mutual benefit, taking into account the mutual interest in further deepening, strengthening and expanding economic cooperation,showsserious interest in the dynamic economy of the Central Asian country and is ready to participate in current projects booming economy of Turkmenistan (GDP growth in 2013 at 10 per cent GDP growth in 2015 is projected to 9.7% and 9.2% in 2016, and the current account deficit to widen further 8.4% of GDP, before moderating to 6.2% in 2016, inflation is projected to reach 7.0%, before subsiding to 6.5%.).


The managers and leading specialists of the famous Bulgarian firms that are members of the Bulgarian-Turkmen Industrialno-Chamber of Commerce, specializing in the energy sector, transport and communications sector, the textile industry, in the field of design and construction,health, agriculture, canning and processing industry, trade and others, interested in implementing projects in the sphere of housing construction, road infrastructure, ports, development of power and gas infrastructure, the petrochemical infrastructure, agriculture, delivery of Bulgarian machines and equipment for the food industry in Turkmenistan.

Great opportunities open trade and economic cooperation at the level of private enterprise, whose share in the GDP in Turkmenistan is growing. An effective mechanism for convergence of business structures should be conducted on a regular basis, international exhibitions, conferences, business forums.

Opening up good prospects for export to the Republic of Bulgaria Turkmen petrochemical products and petroleum products, competitive products in the field of chemistry and pharmacy, in the field of textile products, mineral raw materials, the use of public-private partnership in the tourism sector, taking into account implementedin Turkmenistan, a large-scale project to create a national tourist zone "Avaza" on the ecologically pure Turkmen coast of the Caspian Sea, and experience Bulgarian resorts of Varna and Burgas on the Black Sea coast.


At this stage, the main task of the Trading House are:


-Creating an efficient market information system in Turkmenistan available for Bulgarian producers, on the law and the conditions of foreign trade activity;


-Providing comprehensive assistance to foreign trade activities and protection of the economic interests of the Bulgarian national companies and entrepreneurs, the participants of foreign trade activities;


-On the basis of the Trading House Ashgabat, establishment of a permanent exhibition of Turkmen goods and services in Sofia.