"Magtymguly – healer of the human soul"Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov



Poet-philosopher of the Turkmen people Magtymguly has been glorifying the Turkmen people with his name and inimitable literature for almost three hundred years. High status of the poet in the history, social-political, cultural and literary life of the Turkmen people is permanent. Magtymguly is the faith of the Turkmen soul, its philosophic stone that differentiates good and evil and eternal light of eyes.

Magtymguly’s poetical-philosophical literary heritage remains in the bottom of the heart of the nation as love-saga to Almighty, Homeland, human being, nature and life.  Magtymguly’s literary heritage is highly appreciated not only for the richness of its language or beauty and diversity of its style, but for the development of wise philosophical thoughts, for the masterful depiction of the different sides of the secular life, and for the contribution to the human intelligence. Magtymguly finely paved the way to the human soul by using the perfect methods of thinking, consolidating his philosophic thoughts with fine feelings about world, humanity, motherland, love and remains forever in the memory of the people.

Magtymguly is a national poet of the Turkmen people first of all, at the same time he is thinker-humanist who cared about all human beings, and his care for others have been exposed through his love for the Turkmen people. His love for creativity, peaceful life in the country and his militant thinking to improve the fate of the ordinary people made him prominent and took him out of the national boundaries.  A personality who serves faithfully to mankind can be useful for everyone; a person who won the hearts of his people can won souls of the other people as well. The poet expressed his philosophical views through poetical precepts that a man should strive for the spiritual perfectness. He appealed his contemporaries to build a fear society, because he knew the essence of freedom and the motive of the conflicts; he calls upon his people to understand the human nature, be sensible, unite and create statehood.  Great poet left us immense heritage of poetic treasure which is full of wisdom and sweet feelings and wish for peace and prosperity for his people whom he wanted to see educated and successful. Healthy judgment of his verses serves as an admirable guideline not only for the Turkmen but also for the spiritual needs of humanity. It is the poetic world of this lyricist became gem of the human knowledge.  At present people of different countries and cultures can read and enjoy the beauty of his verses, which makes you think about the life and the social problems.  His fine verses became song for beloved and his wisdom serves as proverbs and sayings for ordinary and educated, for that reason they are translated into many languages of the world.

Magtymguly is the healer of the human soul.  Many years passed since Magtymguly had written his poetry, but by the time the value of his verses increases, because his precepts and admonitions impact like relief to the wounds and inspires souls.  By reading Magtymguly, depressed people feel relief and comfort; weak ones gain strength and power.  Turkmen people addressed him at the times of hardships and also in the times of big conflicts and war and they found way out of their problems.  Magtymguly’s words encouraged young and old in different times of history and contributed to the spiritual revival of the Turkmen society.  It is true his poetry pure like mountain spring and fresh like morning breeze, beautiful like field tulips, fragrant like grassland flowers and sweet like melody of dutar that enjoys all human feelings. In general, Magtymguly’s poetry is spiritual balm to the soul.

Magtymguly lived in the historical period when there were many wars and conflicts between countries and he was tamed by those hardships and difficulties.  Personal and social sufferings influenced him to be a sensible philosopher and knowledgeable scholar of his time.  He studied the religious and secular sciences of his time and cognized the world; he differentiated evil and good and passed all stages of spiritual perfection and became the perfect human. Uniqueness of Magtymguly is that he appealed all disintegrated Turkmen tribes of that time to unite and consolidate as a nation and create a state. He is considered “Great” because he was the first poet to consider all Turkmen as one nation and was advocator of his ideas.

His youthhood passed when Owshar Turkmen were on the throne, during his adulthood Gajar Turkmen were ruling in Iran. Despite both of them belonged to Turkmen ethnicity, they mistreated Turkmen people and Magtymguly expressed his discontent openly and wrote:”I am displeased of this time and these states”. He was looking for a better solution how to save Turkmen people from the oppression of the rulers. His thoughts were always about the fate of the Turkmen people and the Turkmen state while he was traveling to Bukhara, Khiva, Afghanistan, India or Turkey.

There was big obstacle for the fundamental social idea of Magtymguly “to unite all Turkmen tribes” in the eighteenth century, because each of tribes had their own plan and they were not unanimous. Absence of the central government impacted their disassociation. There were also active shadow forces which worked under special scheme to increase animosity among tribes.  Magtymguly was consistent reiterating his conception that the biggest enemy of the people is their misunderstanding, for that reason the tribes should unite to build their own statehood.  He appealed tribes to consolidate their efforts to establish the powerful state, and only after that “Turkmen will be prosperous nation” and then they can withstand against their invaders.

“When souls and hearts of tribes are united,

Their troops can melt stones on their way,

If Turkmen will sit around one desterhan,

They will be the most prosperous nation.

This idea of Magtymguly is comprehensible and close to the hearts of everyone and this poem served as an anthem in the 18th-19th centuries. But how this brilliant idea can be accomplished, how “to gather all tribes around one desterhan?” Poet-thinker put forward an initiative of consolidating around one personality and he never gave up his wish to see his nation free and happy.    

The advantage of Magtymguly is that he criticized unfriendliness and disagreement and fought for the union of the Turkmen people. At present Turkmen people educate their children and young on the lessons of Magtymguly and time proved that Phyragy’s ideas about the powerful state was true.

Today, dreams of Magtymguly about happy and prosperous nation became reality. Independent and Neutral Turkmenistan is in the world map as the land of peace and stability.  Our people believe in unity as a magical force and grateful to Magtymguly’s work.  We highly appreciate the ideas and lessons of Magtymguly on unity and agreement which is vital for further prosperity and success of our state. We deeply honor our national poet Magtymguly at the Prosperous Epoch of the Powerful State, his thoughts and ideas which contributed to the treasury of humanity and serve as the spiritual support of the developed society.


Author: President of Turkmenistan

                                                                                     Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov